The Two Best Exercises for Neck Pain

Do you want to learn how to alleviate that recurring neck pain? Well, let’s start by acknowledging that a substantial amount of experiments have been devoted to the treatment of neck tension. Neck pain is a common problem for most people worldwide. Some of the choices that came up from the study included chiropractic manipulation, medication, electrical nerve stimulation, massage, and various exercise routines. 

Although there are several results so far, it has still been difficult to compare them, as the quality of the research has been uneven and inconsistent. Still, even with the inconsistencies, mounting evidence shows that specific exercises help strengthen neck muscles, thus breaking the inveterate cycles of pain. Here are two you can try out today.

Neck stretch

First things first, you need to loosen those aching muscles by having a good stretch. Stretching helps promote a range of motions. It also maintains and restores flexibility as well as improves blood flow. For this particular neck stretch, you’ll start by holding the rest of your body in a straight position, then gently push your chin forward while stretching your throat. Hold in this stance for five seconds. Then from the same starting position, push your chin backwards and hold there for five minutes too. Repeat this forward and backward stretch five times each. 

Wall push-ups

Wall pushups, on the other hand, are for strengthening the neck muscles. Strengthening the neck muscles is vital too because it helps reduce and prevent the nagging pain you’re constantly experiencing. With these exercises, start by standing with feet approximately shoulder-width apart. Then place your hands against the wall but slightly below shoulder level, while ensuring elbows are straight. From there, bend your elbows while maintaining your head in a neutral position. Do this 10 times with 1-2 sets.  

Things to consider when exercising 

You should only start exercising after the consent of your doctor. If you have severe pain or weakness in your arms and hands, then don’t exercise. The same applies if the pain begins while doing the exercise. Also, don’t stop exercising when the pain leaves. You need to keep doing the stretches and exercises for 6-8 weeks to keep the pain from coming back. If the neck pain persists, seek medical attention.